Zero-g Magnetic Mixer

Zero-g mixers are very versatile and are the legacy products of our mixer portfolio. The high-performance Mix Head design allows for both effective and gentle mixing at the same time. The Zero-g mixer covers a vast range of applications all through the process. The aseptic design and FDA  compliance, combined with the benefits of the Zero-g bearing design makes it ideal for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Truelev Free Floating Magnetic Mixer

The Truelev Mixer is an astonishing breakthrough in engineering, eliminating all known flaws of previous mixer designs in one giant technological leap! The revolutionary Truelev with its bearing-less fully levitating technology is perfect for shear-sensitive products. This product is our high-end mixer that offers a unique control and measuring capability that can be leveraged in all tanks, final drug substance holding tanks or bioreactors.

DuoMixer® Single Use Mixing

DuoMixer® high-performance mixing technology is available from 2 L to 3,000 L allowing for flexibility and scalability for every mixing process step. Each DuoMixer® features an integrated drive unit with 15” touchscreen for ease of use. Optional features include load cells for weighing, jackets for heat exchange and sensors for intelligent in-line measurement of pH, temperature, and conductivity.

MiniDuoMix® for Weighing

The MiniDuoMix® is a benchtop mixer for liquid-liquid and liquid-solid mixing from 2 L to 20 L
for cGMP manufacturing:
– Standard automation modules for stirring and weighing
– Optional modules for pH and conductivity monitoring are available
– HMI touchscreen and user-friendly software for automated control of modules, user permissions, password management, data charts, alarm, and calibration
– Install bag and start processing in minutes.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our customers can be assured that the products that they receive meet their stringent quality standards.

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