MeteNova Zero-g

Zero-g mixers are very versatile and are the legacy products of our mixer portfolio. The high-performance Mix Head design allows for both effective and gentle mixing at the same time. The Zero-g mixer covers a vast range of applications all through the process. The aseptic design and FDA  compliance, combined with the benefits of the Zero-g bearing design makes it ideal for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Magnetic shock absorber
Floating Zero-g bearing technology
Superior mixing performance
Robust design

Technology Upgrade options
Highest level of aseptic design
Ease of use
Designed for easy scale-up

Why Zero-g Mixers?

Easily Replaceable Parts

Both silicone carbide parts of the sliding bearing can easily be replaced on-site. There is no need to ship to manufacturer, instead, keep extra spare parts in-house for minimum downtime.

The Most Aseptic Design Available

Thanks to the floating bearing design, the non-contact allows for cleaning agents to access every surface of the mixer.

Access Every Last Drop

Low volume mixing due to the bearing design that does not have to be fully covered by liquid. During vessel draining, it is possible to run the mixer ‘till the last drop without failure.

Agile Design

Our Zero-g Mixers has an agile design that makes it possible to customize and accommodate your needs – no matter what you are mixing.

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