Technical Papers & Studies

Powder-Liquid Mixing Characterization Using Duoning Mixers

Mixing studies were performed on the 100L DuoMixer® and 20L MiniDuoMix® to quantitatively
evaluate the mixing performance of each mixer.

Best Practices for Sterility Assurance in Single-Use Product Manufacturing

With the adoption of single-use products used in biopharmaceutical production, manufacturers
have become increasingly reliant on suppliers for sterile assemblies and components. Sterility
can be defined as the absence of microorganisms in or on various surfaces and within the
packaging boundary of the product.

Solutions to Managing Supply Chain Disruption

The bioprocessing market has experienced tremendous demand in the last few years because of an
aging world population and the COVID-19 pandemic. To address the needs of this growing demand
for biopharmaceuticals, significant investments have been made in the production of biologics
through capacity expansion projects to scale existing production facilities and build new facilities.

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