Quality Assurance

Exceeding Quality Expectations

Carolina Components Group Makes Quality Personal

At Carolina Components Group, our reputation is based on the quality of the products and the service that we provide. We take great pride in the trust that we have with our customers, as well as our vendors.  A big part of that is centered around our ethical behavior compliance. This compliance is the foundation upon which we are building our company’s brand. 

We understand that the products that we sell to our customers are sometimes used in life-altering or life-enhancing ways that benefit society. We realize that the medicines, the vaccines, and the other endeavors of our customers may be used on a friend or a family member, or someone in our neighborhood. And so in that regard, we make this very personal and strive to produce the highest quality components in the industry.

ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED by NQA

Regulatory Compliance

Carolina Components Group seeks not only to comply with our customer’s requirements, but we look to go beyond those regulations and elements that ensure compliance with the product.

The different departments of CCG, from the manufacturing team and operations team to the inside and outside sales, to the quality team, all come together as one to make sure that the products that we are building are exact to the customer specifications, and that they are high-quality products. We provide a whole solution that’s backed by science, research, and engineering. That’s how CCG seeks to support its clients with products that not only meet their needs but also meet their regulatory body’s needs. 

Quality to CCG means that we are providing a product or service that satisfies the needs of our customers by either meeting or exceeding their expectations. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and when this is accomplished, we create the Raving Fans that are the foundation of our customer base.

Industry Knowledge is Key

CCG has a wide variety of tools, but the biggest one we have is knowledge.

Our knowledge comes from our customers as to what they need, and we’ve gained knowledge from significant time and work in the industry on how to produce the outcome that our customers are seeking. There is no substitute for the years of industry experience that provides us with the expertise needed to overcome our customer’s obstacles and help them continue to move forward.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our customers can be assured that the products that they receive meet their stringent quality standards.

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