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At CCG, we’re setting new standards for Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care product manufacturers in equipment safety. By using TESSALink’s CertNet™, a unique safety software solution, CCG works with its customers to meet the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance through cutting-edge, equipment safety collaboration and visibility.


TESSALink’s CertNet™ is a comprehensive and intuitive tool that tracks safety compliance of a company’s equipment:

CCG’s equipment safety certifications are available anywhere and anytime (on or offline) and kept up-to-date in TESSALink’s cloud-based cradle-to-grave CertVault™

Regulatory compliance for each product is accompanied by detailed information on equipment inspections and safety checks using CertBook™.

TESSALink’s CertNet™ safety certificate

CCG includes TESSALink’s CertNet™ safety certificate software with every product.

Diaphragm Valves

  • Date of installation
  • Date of initial validation
  • Last Change-Out
  • Next scheduled Change-Out
  • Total inventory
  • Inventory value
  • Location
  • Service/Application


  • Date of Manufacture
  • Date of expiration
  • Date of last inspection
  • Total Inventory
  • Inventory value
  • Location
  • Service/Application

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