Cleanroom Facility

Welcome to World Class

Dedicated single-use manufacturing

Conveniently located in Durham, NC, our brand new 21,000 square foot facility is complete with a 5,200 square foot, state-of-the-art cleanroom split into ISO 7 and 8 classifications.

We have made a conscious decision to input unprecedented flexibility into our process so that we can say “yes” more often and work with speed and agility to meet the demands of our customers. With over 200 years of industry experience, we have the technical expertise combined with the cleanroom assembly capability to provide our customers with unprecedented levels of service and a commitment to quality.

An Unparalleled Approach

What sets CCG apart is our flexibility and our willingness to work in compliance with our customer’s needs with a tremendous focus on speed and accuracy. Because our sales team is intimately connected with our customers, we have a deep understanding of the biopharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers and their need for a reliable single-use partner.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

From design to delivery

We’re here for our customers.
It is our industry knowledge that is our greatest asset. We can help design and provide solutions to your next ultra pure, critical fluid project.

As we like to say at CCG, “Yes is the answer, what’s the question?”. We take great pride in the fact that we never see problems, only challenges for which we will find solutions. Let us know what challenge you have for us, and our team will work tirelessly with you to find a fitting solution.

ISO 7 Classification

Single-use manufacturing suites

This is one of the most common classes of cleanrooms. With an ISO 8 airlock/gowning room prior to entering the ISO 7 room, the air changes per hour will vary in both rooms as described below.

ISO 7 zone | 30–60 air changes per hour
ISO 8 zone | 15–25 air changes per hour (ante-room)

Cleanroom classifications

Cleanrooms are classified according to the cleanliness level of the air inside them. The cleanroom class is the level of cleanliness the room complies with, according to the quantity and size of particles per volume of air.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our customers can be assured that the products that they receive meet their stringent quality standards.

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